About Arrow Awards Express | Handcrafted Arrow of Light Award Arrows, Plaques, and Accessories

(Formerly known as Arrow Of Light Awards)

We supply Arrow Of Light® award arrows, plaques, and accessories to Cub Scout™ packs all over the country.  Our awards are of the highest quality yet easy to assemble.

They make great projects at den meetings and the career arrows provide a way to display the scout's achievements.  The quality of our awards are such that they will last a lifetime and is something that the scout can proudly show his children.

We offer Arrow Of Light® awards in a variety wood and arrow types.  Our newly designed award plaques are made with the highest quality stock and are precision machined to very high standards.  Each plaque comes with a brass name plate and detailed finishing instructions including suggested finishing brand, color and techniques.  We also include tips for painting the light portion on the plaque.

Our arrows are made with traditional Indian parts.  Each arrow consists of a Port Oxford Cedar shaft, wild turkey feathers and are available with either a hand carved bone or hand knapped stone arrowhead.  All of these items are held together with traditional sinew (artificial).  Our arrows also come with complete color illustrated instructions including assembly and painting.  The bands on the arrow signify the individual achievements that the scout has accomplished.

We also offer the honor (coup) feather that many dens use to signify various distinctions and add an additional level of authenticity and flare to the award.